Another point of view on the phd

Anyone interested in grad school, especially for the PhD, should read The PhD Grind by Philip Guo. It’s very well written, contains great advice, and provides keen insights into the process.

It should, however, be read with a grain of salt. I think Guo was lucky/unlucky enough to experience both extremes of the PhD experience. His first few years were certainly more negative than my own, but I can only hope that I will have as many and as many high quality publications as Guo had by the end of his degree. Guo’s modesty gets in the way of an honest assessment of his accomplishments.

Whatever its faults, The PhD Grind is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in or currently working on a PhD, or even anyone who is curious what the experience is like.

Neal Holtshulte

Neal Holtschulte began graduate studies at the University of New Mexico in 2010. Neal graduated with a BA in Mathematics from Williams College. He works with an amiable and talented group of people including his advisor Professor Melanie Moses. Neal is currently working on automated software diversity with network security applications. Neal makes time to run and occasionally race in the 5k to 1/2 marathon range. He enjoys video games and maintains that while any bachelor can boil noodles, sauteing vegetables officially classifies as cooking.
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