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About Briana Morrison

Briana Morrison is a first-year PhD student in Human Centered Computing (HCC) at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Briana graduated with a BS in Computer Engineering from Tulane University many years ago and has a Masters in Computer Science from Southern Polytechnic State University. Her research area is Computer Science Education and she is fortunate to work with Mark Guzdial. She has be a faculty member for 16 years teaching introductory programming and data structures among other things. For her mid-life crisis she decided to return to school to pursue a PhD. She is the mother of two (17 year daughter applying to colleges and 13 year old son applying to high schools). Between studies, teaching part time, and being a mother, she has very little time for recreation, but she plans to make up for it after graduation.

On becoming a volunteer / guinea pig

Doing research involves experimental studies. For those of us doing research in HCI or education or information visualization (and many others) those studies involve humans. We want to know what they think, how they act, how they react to our … Full Post

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Knowing when to pull the plug…

So I’ve talked about the fact that I was working on writing a grant this semester.  It was an NSF grant to do professional development for high school teachers teaching computer science.  It’s something I’ve been working on for the … Full Post

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Group Projects – Ugh

So in my current class we have a very large group project that runs for most of the semester. We turned in the paper (47 pages!) before spring break and then did our presentation today.  It was probably the worst … Full Post

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