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Neal Holtschulte began graduate studies at the University of New Mexico in 2010. Neal graduated with a BA in Mathematics from Williams College. He works with an amiable and talented group of people including his advisor Professor Melanie Moses. Neal is currently working on automated software diversity with network security applications. Neal makes time to run and occasionally race in the 5k to 1/2 marathon range. He enjoys video games and maintains that while any bachelor can boil noodles, sauteing vegetables officially classifies as cooking.

Happiness Now

There’s a lot of frustration involved with getting a phd. A Yesterday I had two separate conversations with peers that disturbed me. In one, a colleague said he didn’t know if he could put up with the pressure of constantly … Full Post

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Time Management 2

Following up on my previous post, I’ve been wondering if and how time management skills can be taught? One way to teach students TM skills is by overloading them with work. Certainly giving them more work than they can handle … Full Post

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Time Management

There’s this time management technique where you categorize all your “todo”s into one of 4 categories along 2 binary dimensions. One dimension is important vs. unimportant. The other dimension is urgent vs. not urgent. Obviously important and urgent todos get done … Full Post

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