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Peter Bailis is a first-year graduate student in Computer Science at UC Berkeley. He likes distributed computing, cooking, and adventures in exciting places. Peter is fortunate to work with Joe Hellerstein and other smart folks on the BOOM project. You can follow Peter on Twitter here.

Huchra’s Seven Characteristics of a Successful Scientist

In my freshman fall at Harvard, I was fortunate to enroll in a seminar on cosmology with John Huchra. In case you’re not an astrophysics buff, among other things, Huchra was one of the first astronomers to experimentally observe large-scale galactic structures using wide-ranging galactic … Full Post

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Why am I in graduate school?

Why am I in graduate school?  Different students have different answers to this question–passion, research, lifestyle, startup incubation, you name it–and others may not have an answer.  In the final lecture of CS262, our entry-level graduate systems seminar, our professor, … Full Post

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Hello, World

Hello, World! My name is Peter Bailis, and I’m a first-year Computer Science graduate student at UC Berkeley. I graduated in May with my A.B. (also in CS) from Harvard College, where I got to work with a number of … Full Post

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